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Stock up on every size for your next job, camping trip, race, overlanding expedition, hunt, moving day or river adventure. Are you looking for something a little more custom? We are proud to offer you a wide variety of colors, ends, and materials to choose from. Every custom order is prepared by hand to match our high quality standards. Select or create the perfect Rollercam tie down strap today!
Expedition Rollercam Cam Strap - Tie Down Strap

outside the box

The bar tack stitch has been trusted for decades in climbing equipment, rescue devices, safety restraints, and more. Because of it’s superior strength and simplistic style we use this technique over the standard box stitch found on other cam straps.

down to the threads

Polypropylene is the most durable and recyclable plastic available, Rollercam proudly uses this material on all our straps. A better option over polyester straps due to it’s high strength, UV resistance, flexibility, and water resistant properties.

Dark Canyon Inc.

Dark Canyon is based in Utah engineering and manufacturing Rollercam® and ToughStake® products.
We support local wildlife preservation and enjoy all the outdoor recreation available in our beautiful state.