Tie Downs (2) 9 Foot and (2) 12 Foot Hook End – Graphite


Keep It Secure.
The standard hook tie down just got better! This kit includes 4 Rollercam® hook end straps in two sizes. Made with weather resistant polypropylene black webbing, you’ll be ready for any job ahead with the Rollercam® Tie Downs Kit.
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Tie Downs Included:

  • (2) 9 Foot Rollercam Hook End
  • (2) 12 Foot Rollercam Hook End


Additional Features

  • Webbing
    A proprietary manufacturing method involving the individual strands of Polypropylene was developed, yielding a finished product with high strength, tactile feel, UV inhibitors and superior performance.
  • Woven in Length
    Our Expedition and Classic Models have the length woven into the webbing, allowing for easy identification.  Unlike printed webbing, the woven in length will last a lifetime.
  • Thread
    We selected a heavy duty T-135 Polyester thread for all webbing assemblies.  This yields a longer life and a more durable strap.
  • Bar tack
    The Bar Tack is one of the most recognized and commonly used sewing methods for the climbing industry.  The 3-Bar Tack pattern yields increased strength over standard Bar X and X patterns.

US Patent 6877189B2

Always Check for Wear

Working Load – 350 LBS

Introducing Rollercam®

The traditional Cam Strap has been a staple in gear bags for years.  They are easy to use and provide a simple means for positive securement.   Rollercam® Technology has finally solved the problem associated with standard cams of not being able to tightened the webbing efficiently and securely.

Current cam strap buckle design consists of a body and a thumb release biased by mechanical springs.   The Rollercam® Technology has integrated a roller mechanism, a complex thumb release geometry and multiple springs to allow for a smooth operating cam strap which may be tightened 5-10 times greater than the standard cam.  Once you use a Rollercam®, you will never purchase another cam strap ever again.

How it Works

Rollercam® Cam Buckles utilizes new and innovative patented technology for increased performance when using a cam buckle for gear securement.  The premise behind the technology lies within the integrated roller and thumb release of the cam body.  Figure 1 shows the cross section of a standard cam buckle versus the cross section of the Rollercam®.

When you are securing a cam strap, a maximum force is applied to the cam strap by pulling with your hand and body.  When this force is applied in a standard cam, a frictional force is generated between the body and the webbing, reducing the overall ability to securely tighten a standard cam.  The pateneted Rollercam® Technology substantially reduces the friction force and allows the webbing to be tightened with ease and a higher force.


By decreasing Frictional Force (Ffriction) through the use of the Rollercam®, the maximum Holding Force (FHold) may be drastically increased.  The Rollercam® technology decreases this frictional force resulting in an increased maximum holding force and ease of operation.   Table 1 depicts experimental data between the Rollercam® and other standard cams.  The shape of the body of the other cams has a drastic effect on the maximum holding force.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 7 × 3 in


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