It is all in the patented roller design.  By eliminating the friction between the front of the cam and the webbing, the resultant force in the tight end of the strap is higher than a standard cam buckle or cinch strap.  The Rollercam® technology allows ease of use, higher resultant force and even finesse when tightening objects such as graphite canoes, paddle boards or even surf boards.  One you try the Rollercam® cam strap, you will never use another cam buckle again.

Both the body and the thumb release are die cast from a corrosion resistant Zamak 5 alloy.  The Roller is machined from marine brass.  The 2 Springs, Roller Shaft and Thumb Release Shaft are all made from Stainless Steel.

Yes, check in the Accessories section.  These are ideal for DIY projects?

We recommend a working load not to exceed 350lbs.  Please always check the strap for wear which can severely weaken the overall performance of the cam strap.

The Rollercam® tie down straps with the hook end, are available in 4′,6′,9′,12′,15′ and 20′.

Both the Expedition and Classic version of the Rollercam® tie down straps come in 1′,2′,3′,4′,6′,9′,12’15 and 20′.  The sewn in loop version of the Rollercam® strap come in 4′,6′ and 9′.

The Hook end Rollercam tie down straps come in both Polyester (Graphite or Black), and Polyester (Black, Blue, Green, Red or Yellow)

Both the Expedition and Classic Models of Rollercam® come with sewn in loops on each end.  The Expedition and Classic Models of Rollercam do not come with hooks.

Only the Expedition and Classic models of Rollercam® have the length woven into the strap.

Both the Expedition and Classic Rollercam® straps utilize a proprietary blend of UV Stabilized High Tenacity Polypropylene Webbing.  Polypropylene is extremely hydrophilic and does not absorb water.  Unlike Polyester or Nylon, Polypropylene is very tactical to the touch and will not exhibit a slippery texture when wet.  The weave is tighter than normal, creating a unique texture and feel.   Only the Expedition and Classic Rollercam Straps have the length woven into the strap.

The only difference between the Classic and Expedition Rollercam Straps is the color.  Both the Classic and Expedition Cam Straps utilize a proprietary blend of UV High Tenacity Polypropylene Webbing.  The Classic Rollercam has a blue base with yellow accent for the length lettering, and the Expedition Rollercam has a graphite base with orange accent for the length lettering.

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