Founded in the deserts of Southern Utah in 2005, the products developed by the Dark Canyon engineering team have evolved through the years. Our commitment to design and quality have led to a collection of product brands to provide a lifetime of use. A vision was born in the red rock horizons would inspire years of dedicated work to deliver the best equipment for every adventure ahead. Dark Canyon manufactures the toughest gear to survive all natural elements, with tactical advantages of modern engineering and design.



Engineered to provide a solid, reliable anchor in snow and sand even in challenging weather, our ToughStake tent stakes deliver 10x the holding power of standard stakes. Unique to any other tent stake on the market, they feature a self-diving design, which dives deeper into loose conditions when tension is placed on the cable. Their spade head helps to further lock them into place. Strong, aircraft-grade aluminum and a stainless steel cable offer excellent durability.



These high capacity tie downs feature proprietary webbing for additional strength, easily identifiable straps lengths woven into the webbing, and an innovative, patented rolling cam buckle to reduce friction and add 5-10 times more holding force to your load. With a wide variety of colors, ends, and styles you can safely secure anything on your adventure or daily life.

dark canyon wilderness

The Inspiration

Dark Canyon Wilderness is located in the heart of Utah’s southeast canyon country. With beautiful scenery and diverse landscape the wilderness is named for its high steep walls that narrow in the lower section so that they block the light in the morning and late afternoon. We are dedicated to preserving the natural beauty for generations ahead.

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