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Why Slide When You Can Roll?

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Introducing Rollercam™

Cam straps and buckles have been around for years. Those of you that have used these devices have fallen in love with the ease of use compared to other strap mechanisms. Though traditional static cam straps and buckles are easy to use, they lack one very important feature: They cannot be securely tightened. This is due to the high frictional loss between the strap and body of the cam buckle.

Rollercam™ has solved this problem through patented Rollercam™ technology. The rollercam device utilizes a stainless steel shaft and marine grade brass roller to eliminate the frictional losses so accustomed with traditional cam straps and buckles. The result is a cam strap which can be tighten to over 4-10X that of normal straps.

Not only does the Rollercam™ technology allow for transferring a maximum securing force to your load, it also acts as a low friction feed roller when threading the strap into the cam for easy assembly.

US Patent # 6877189

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There's a Rollercam For Every Occassion.